Sunday, May 29, 2011

Retrieving the URL of a namespaced Django view

I've finally got around to learning the new class based views approach in Django 1.3 with the goal of writing a mixin that can be used with django-tables to avoid some of the boilerplate code that's currently required. I ended up with a handy SingleTableMixin class which I'll be merging into the development branch when I get a chance.

However I find learning-by-doing is optimal so I started by refactored some legacy CRUD CMS-like views to use the class based views approach. I became a little side-tracked while looking over the old code and found myself cleaning them up. During this process I noticed that it might be a good idea to create URLs via reverse(view_func) rather than reverse(urlname). However it did not work.

After some painful debugging it seems that view functions that are hooked into the URLconf via a namespaced URL can not be reversed via their function reference.

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